On the Taxonomy and Typification of Muscari Miller (Liliaceae) and Allied Genera, and on the Typification of Generic Names

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1970
Authors:Garbari, F., Greuter W.

The types of the names of taxa above the rank of species cannot, logically, be taxa (species, etc.) but only names of taxa (in the sense of the 'Code'). Accordingly, the type of the name Muscari Miller is the name Muscari botryoides (L.) Miller, as proposed by Britton and Brown in 1913, and is considered to be a neotype. The species currently included in Muscari belong to 4 distinct genera (one of which is new) with 3 additional sections. Full synonymies and latin diagnoses of all these taxa are given. The name Leopoldia Parl. 1845 (non Herb. 1821) is proposed for conservation.

Taxonomic name: 
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