Trimelopter craibii (Hyacinthaceae, Ornithogaloideae), a new species from the North West Province of South Africa

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:Martínez-Azorín, M., Crespo, M. B., Dold A. P.
Start Page:50
Date Published:March 2013
Keywords:Asparagaceae, distribution, ecology, Hyacintheae, Scilloideae, taxonomy, Trimelopter unifolium var. vestitum

The genus Trimelopter has been recently reinstated to include Ornithogalum unifolium and other closely related species
from Southern Africa, comprising up to 10 species. Within the context of a revision of Trimelopter, a new species, T.
craibii, is here formally described to name plants discovered by the late Charles Craib in the North West Province of
South Africa. This taxon is closely related to T. dyeri and T. unifolium, but it can be clearly differentiated by floral and
vegetative characters. Data on morphology, ecology, and distribution are reported for this new species, and affinities and
divergences with other closely related taxa are also discussed. The new combination T. unifolium var. vestitum is also

Taxonomic name: 
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