Albuca annulata sp. nov. (Hyacinthaceae) from the Albany Centre of Endemism, South Africa

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:Martínez-Azorín, M., Crespo, M. B., Dold, A. P., Barker N. P.
Journal:Nordic Journal of Botany. Copenhagen
Start Page:696
Date Published:December 2011
Keywords:Albuca, South Africa, taxonomy

Within the context of a revision of Albuca, a new species, here described as Albuca annulata Mart.-Azorín & M. B. Crespo sp. nov., was found in three populations in the Albany Centre of Endemism, Eastern Cape, South Africa. This new species is closely related to Albuca bakeri Mart.-Azorín & M. B. Crespo and A. caudata Jacq., but it can be clearly differentiated by floral and vegetative characters. Data on morphology, ecology and distribution are reported for this new species. Affinities and divergences with other close allies are also discussed.

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